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Extra! Extra!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

In one of those strange moments of synchronicity, a project I recently started has become newsworthy all of a sudden:

Whilst I wouldn’t want to make light of the situation or say something glib about the reasons the Frontline Club has been propelled into the spotlight, it remains that the organisation is responsible for a very important archive of independent journalism and stories gathered from some of the world’s most dangerous areas. As I have stated elsewhere:

β€œAn increasing number of organisations require a system to manage digital media archives. For some these assets are the backbone of the organisation and provide a source of income. The archive at the Frontline Club has a deeper importance, these are stories gathered at the risk of very real peril β€” ask Vaughan to show you the mobile phone that saved his life. It’s also special because the voices are independent and offer a different perspective on the events that shape our lives. In that respect their value cannot be underestimated. The Final Cut Server and MatrixStore solution is an excellent fit for the Frontline Club and will ensure the work of the members will be both accessible and secure for generations.”

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to meet and work with folks from different walks in life and I look forward to continuing work on the project in the New Year.