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The Mystery Banquet

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Apparently I like food themed analogies and I arrived at this next one to help a client understand why my answers to his many questions about Final Cut Server were laden with caveats. The problem wasn’t with what he was asking, on the contrary his questions were perfectly valid, they were just focused on the details, when what we needed to do was develop an understanding of the bigger picture. In order to help facilitate this shift in perspective I suggested we should plan a large meal with multiple courses. To his credit my client agreed to indulge me and sat down with a notepad ready to devise our banquet.

“Which wine should we serve with our main course?” I asked.

And that was that, he twigged immediately what I was driving at. Whilst he was more than capable of recommending several good bottles we could try, it would be difficult know if the selection was appropriate until we’d answered some more fundamental questions about our theoretical feast. The same is true when you’re planning your workflow. You need to understand each event and how it relates to every other stage in the process before you get distracted with the details.