Have you heard the latest? At a recent LAFCPUG meeting Larry Jordan actually “guaranteed” that Final Cut Pro X, “will not be ready for professional use.” If you’ve been avoiding the part of the Internet that gets excited about such things, you can watch for yourself:

Now I hate to be a spoilsport, but surely there’s a world of difference between suggesting the software will not work in a specific context and we will not know how to use it at first? To be fair to Larry, if you listen further I think he actually goes on to make this point himself when he says, we need to “make this work for us”. To miss the wider point you also have to ignore the moment at the beginning where Larry ponders, “maybe [FCP X] is the absolute pinnacle of professional applications”. The trouble is that if you take all of this on board, the headline isn’t quite as dramatic.

For the record, I meet editors everyday who are convinced Final Cut Pro 7 is completely broken until I help them understand how it actually works. I don’t see why FCP X should be judged to a different standard.

Whenever Final Cut Pro X becomes available, we’re going to have to learn how to use it. Those of us who want to edit with it most effectively will need to invest time and energy into that process of discovery. How steep and involved the learning curve will be remains to be seen. We just need to be clear about whether it’s the software or us that’s ready or not.

UPDATE: Just as I finished typing this entry Larry posted his own response to the furore, “Wiping Egg Off My Face” to say that since he gave the presentation he’s been persuaded otherwise.



  1. MattG says:

    This is a nice blog! I like reading it!

  2. JET says:

    @MattG you’re too lovely for words!

  3. Howard Berry says:

    I’m very much looking forward to the learning process. There are things in FCPX that don’t exist in FCP7 that excite me, and – judging purely from the demo – there are some things in FCP7 that I will be missing in FCPX, but until I have used it I won’t know. And I still will have my FCP7 to use while that learning takes place. I think approaching it with an open mind is key, and it will only be once people get to use it to actually edit something will they know if it’s a tool they will be able to use in order to meet their requirements.

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