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The release of new Final Cut Pro X integration for Cantemo Portal and its accompanying video has prompted a new article for my friends over at fcp.co.

This time round, the focus of the Cantemo application is to provide a way for Final Cut editors to manage and share libraries. It’s a completely native workflow, which treats libraries as an asset and protects the integrity of the library whether the editor is onsite or accessing Portal remotely.

If your work with FCP X is collaborative and you need a way manage shared resources, the new Portal integration is invaluable.


Following the popularity of the last panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, Cantemo have been toiling diligently away on a new version. While it might look similar to the original, it’s not actually an update, but a completely new build. The Cantemo Panel for Adobe CC applications has been completely redeveloped using the new HTML5 development framework.

Alongside search functionality, importing and exporting of media the new solution provides integration with the for browser-based Annotation Tool and Rough Cut Editor.

My clients that use the panel find it incredibly easy to work with and it’s firmly established as invaluable tool.


The Cantemo Panel brings Portal to Premiere Pro

Introducing a media asset management solution usually means editors have to embrace a new workflow and learn a how to use a new piece of software. Creatures of habit that we are this can sometimes prove to be an overwhelming transition and in extreme situations can slow the operation down as people adjust. One of the strengths of Cantemo Portal is that the web-based interface is intuitive and straightforward to use. In many ways that learning curve just doesn’t exist.

Another way to approach this problem is to eliminate the new software altogether. Or at least, the appearance of new software. All of which brings me to the announcement that second video in the Cantemo Portal™ workflow series is now online. This time the focus is the close integration with Premiere Pro. At the heart of the solution is the Cantemo Panel, a powerful tool, made possible by the Adobe API for Premiere Pro. The API allows third-party partners to embed solutions directly within the Adobe applications. As you can see in the video, the Cantemo Panel implementation reveals just how powerful and effective this approach can be:

Cantemo continue to work closely with Adobe to bring improvements to the Panel and ensure that it maintains a consistent aesthetic with the rest of the UI, while bringing the power of enterprise-level media asset management into Premiere Pro. The result is that editors need never switch away from Premiere. Everything they need, from login, to search, access to the MediaBin, export options and ingest to Portal is all available in the Panel. Editors have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adopting such a solution.